Festival International du Film d'Aubagne

Cinema & Music - March 20th to 25th 2017



Jerome Lemonnier

Leader of the the Master Class of musical composition for film of the 2017 Festival, Jerôme Lemonnier will also share his experience for the time of a film.

Jérôme Lemonnier started playing piano at the age of 5. He pursued his musical education at the Ecole Normale Normale de Musique, then at the Conservatoire National de Musique in Paris and graduated from Sorbonne after following the Musicologie program in 1984.
Jérôme has composed, produced and edited a number of soundtracks for the arts and entertainment industry including Television shows, songs and advertisements.
After meeting with the film maker and screen writer Denis Dercourt in 2006, Jérôme starts producing music and soundtracks for the film industry. His first production, LA TOURNEUSE DE PAGES, is nominated for an award for “best original music” at the Cesar 2007.
Jérôme also worked with films makers Christophe Ali, Nicolas Bonilauri, Raphaël Nadjari and Emmanuel Courcol.

It’s the last feature film on which he worked, Cessez-le-feu by Emmanuel Courcol, that he chose to present during the Festival. This film, which the release date is set for April 19th, takes place in 1923. Georges, played by Romain Duris, is a war hero who keeps trying to escape his past. After living as a vagabond in Africa for four years, he decides to come back to France. Having trouble blending in a crowd that kept going without him, he tries to carry on, but his painful memories keep pulling him down. Not able to hold on to the present, he drowns into his past. Emmanuel Courcol decided to bring to light devastated lives to remind us that war does not end once the armistice is signed. Come and watch Emmanuel Courcol’s first film alongside Jérôme Lemonnier and himself.

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CESSEZ-LE-FEU by Emmanuel Courcol
Belgium/France - 103 minutes

Cessez le feu

  • Réalisation / Direction: Emmanuel Courcol
  • Belgique/France